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Niche down

Why it pays off to niche down your business

“No niche is too small if it`s yours.” (Seth Godin, author and marketing expert).

I‘m always amazed by creatives finding unusual niches in the industry. Ellie Smith, who I interviewed for my blog the other week has specialized in custom house portraits as an illustrator. I mean, what a fabulous idea!! A house portrait is just THE perfect unique, personalized gift for people who are moving house, who are getting married, or just any occasion really! Also, it’s so on trend to offer custom-made, bespoke services and products.

Committing to a niche can be so hard for creatives though – I certainly find it challenging. Because it implies letting go of other areas that you find interesting, too. But when it comes to business and doing any form of art as a profession it is pretty much vital for success.

Finding and sticking to your niche “helps you refine your offerings and build the expertise that gives you the legs to withstand the test of time”, writes CEO Roger David in his article `Why finding your niche is key to your business success’ for the Forbes Magazine. 

“Finding your niche is like being a specialist in a field where your expertise makes you stand out from the general pack.”

Also, your marketing becomes way more focused and ultimately you can solve the problems of your clients better because you become a true expert in what you do. As a photographer, I`ve started focussing on storytelling photography for creative businesses and solo entrepreneurs. I love photography – pretty much all kinds of documentary and storytelling photography. But that`s just too broad for anyone to feel addressed specifically. A business owner facing business challenges will just ignore family documentaries. And as professional creatives, we cannot afford to be ignored by those we seek to serve. So, I`m gonna try to be specific.

What niche have you discovered for yourself? And do you find it challenging to commit?

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