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How to turn customers into fans

Imagery and Storytelling create a strong bond between you and your customers. 


author maria nikolai

Maria Nikolai

INTERVIEW WITH GERMAN BESTSELLING AUTHOR MARIA NIKOLAI. Each book of Maria Nikolais’ trilogy “Schokoladenvilla” (Chocolate Mansion) was a bestseller. Now the second book of her current trilogy “Bodensee-Saga” (Saga of the Lake Constance) hits the shelves.

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Ellie draws

Ellie Smith

INTERVIEW WITH ILLUSTRATOR ELLIE SMITH. When I first saw Ellie Smiths drawings on Instagram, it made me want to pick up a pen to draw something myself – her work is such an art appetizer!

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Marina Rajkovic behind her store window

Fashion MIE

INTERVIEW WITH FASHION STORE OWNER MARINA RAJKOVIC / FASHION MIE. “When you meet people with honesty – especially when giving advice – you will get so much back, for example, empathy. That kept me motivated.”

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Paul fuller photographing

Paul Fuller

INTERVIEW WITH PHOTOGRAPHER PAUL FULLER. “Having a camera in your hand and a reason to be there gives you motivation and a license to stick your nose into places where you wouldn`t otherwise do it. “

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herzstärkend group photo


Instagram influencers lead them to have their own ever-evolving side-hustle business.

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johanna riplinger

Johanna Riplinger

INTERVIEW WITH FASHION DESIGNER JOHANNA RIPLINGER: “I really do almost everything from a place of intrinsic motivation. It takes courage to do what feels right for me.”

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hairdresser Tugay Zeyrek


EXTRAORDINARY – How hairdresser Tugay Zeyrek from Metzingen in Germany goes the extra mile to achieve the extraordinary

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Notes on Creativity

Why we cannot and should not aim to please everyone with our work.

How to get more out of your day and ignite your creativity by feeling more.

TIME MANAGEMENT- How to deal with a long To Do List full of "Should dos" by scheduling them in your calendar

CREATIVE WORK - How to avoid one of the biggest traps for creative work: postponing - while waiting for "inspiration" or ideal circumstances.


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